USA Escorts FAQ

Find below answers for the most frequently asked questions about hiring escorts in the United States.

What are the qualifications to receive services in the US?
You have to be 18 years of age or older, be courteous, polite, and have plenty of money to afford it.

What kind of service do escort agencies offer?
Most agencies offer an adult entertainment. Ladies offer outcall, where the model of your choice will come to your home or your hotel, or incall services.

How to order services through agency?
In most cases to order you have to chose the lady you like from the portfolio and give them a call. This is the fastest solution. You can also use online booking forms as well as email options.

Is it required to make an advanced appointment? If so when?
An advance appointment is not required. The ladies set their own schedules and those schedules do seem to change sometimes on a daily basis. So same day appointments with normally at least one or more hours notice are fine.

What are the opening days an hours?
You can reach most agencies 24/7.

How long will it take for an escort to arrive?
Arrival times depend on a number of factors, such as your exact geographical location, day of the week, time of the day or night, traffic jams and the lady you are wanting to see. Agencies will do their best to give you an accurate time estimate based on how far of a drive you are from the lady you want to see. Usually an escort arrive in 30 to 45 minutes. Keep in mind though that just because an escort may be in your area doesn’t mean she will be the quickest to get to you. She may have been running errands, sitting at the hair salon, working on other job, and need to go home and totally prepare herself for the appointment.

Are the ladies shown in the pictures the actual ladies?
“Of course – what you see is exactly what you will get.” – you’ll get this answer from the most agencies but in most cases it is not true.

What’s the deal with a cancellation fee?
Once a model books an appointment with you, agency will ask that you contact them if there is a change in plans. There is no charge if this is done in a timely manner. But, once a lady arrives at your location, if a cancellation occurs they will ask for a cancellation fee to cover the ladies transportation cost.

Will the lady stay for the entire time?
Yes, you are paying her for her time and however long you pay her to stay is how long she will stay unless you agree she can leave early. Many ladies are not clock watchers, but that doesn’t mean you’re going to get an extra 30 minutes for free either. Be respectful of her time as she may have other plans once your time with her is up.

I would like to make a reservation for a lady for me and my spouse is it possible?
In most cases it is not but some ladies will agree to be with you and your spouse. But you need to check this with agency first. Please keep in mind that she will charge more money for that.

My body and I would like to make a reservation for an escort for the both of us. Can we?
It is possible, but only few ladies agree to do it. You’ll have to check with agency who will. Please notice that if the lady will arrive at your place and will find two guys instead of one without pre notice, she will cancel the order and you will be asked for cancellation fee.

We hope you get your questions answered. In case you have additional questions – feel free to write it in comments.

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