When to Have a Bachelor’s Party?

Planning for a bachelor party should not be stressful. But given the fact that it is a special occasion not just for the groom, but for those who are closest to the heart of the groom, it must be well planned. There should be a clear set of goals in the mind of the party organizer before deciding when it will be held. It is quite hard to plan for a bachelor party if your idea is to have it done in a non-conventional way. But, those who simply want to make this party over, there are simple things to do. Regardless if you are a seasoned party organizer or you are new to party planning, you will need some tips from the invitations to the logistics to make the party a real success.

Bachelor party tips

1. The guest list should be finalized

It is one of the most important parts of any party, the guest list. You need to find out the exact number of the guests that will come. The groom to be will expect all his groomsmen to be there and their closest friends too or relatives such as cousins. You need to confirm the attendees, from there you can decide when the party will be held.

2. Look for a party venue

This is one of the hardest things to do when planning for a party. Your location will depend on some factors like where the groom to be would likely to do the party. The most preferred place and activity of the groom to be. The time of the year also matters the most. It is important to consider the weather, especially if you plan to choose an outdoor venue. This is a one-night affair and the last party of the groom to be, so it should be special.

3. Select a date

As soon as you have decided on a venue, you need to determine the date that will work best for everyone and for the groom to be as well. It will be most likely to end up on weekdays, especially if it is followed by a long holiday. You must consider the activities of the groom to be for the wedding that will also happen soon.

4. Send the invitations

As soon as you have determined when the party will be and the exact number of guests, you can now send an invitation. It should be done between four to six weeks before the party. But, you can always send a digital invitation through email to the guests even earlier than 4 weeks. This will provide enough time for everyone to save the date and be able to confirm their presence.

5. Book for the party

Party booking is important after you have confirmed the number of guests that will be attending the party. You need to gather the vendors you have hired for the party needs. This must include the venue reservation, transportation, food supplier, tickets, giveaways and others. You need to reconfirm your reservations two weeks before the party.

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